About Us

Our Mission —–

To be an agent of influence among high school students in order to increase their personal well-being and successful integration into school, home and social life.

Our History —–

Christian Direction launched the Centre Accroche in 1993 in an effort to combat the increasing high school drop-out rates in Montreal. In a friendly and community-oriented atmosphere, the Centre Accroche offers academic tutoring as well as a number of interactive workshops, all designed to help keep youth in school. Today there are three active centers on the island of Montréal in the boroughs of Saint Laurent, Ville Marie, and Hocehelaga de Maisoneuve.

Our Vision —–

To reach the maximum number of Québec youth with a quality service that will guide them in making the best possible decisions in life, while increasing their self-esteem.

Our Philosophy  —–

High school drop-out is an ever-present reality for Quebec youth. All organizations in Quebec must work together to combat this reality until dropping out of school is no longer an option for youth.

Our Goal  —–

Our goal is to give youth the tools necessary to continue their schooling until graduation from high school and to reach their post secondary educational objectives. The ultimate goal is to see the cycle of poverty broken in families which is often rooted in low levels of education.